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_16.Sep.08 | New live cuts
_There are a few new live cuts by our artists - check 'em:
Beautiful Planet Earth - Live PA @ Nachtdigital 11, Olganitz/GER (Aug. 2nd, 2008): Download.
Juno 6 - Live PA @ Wuitz3, Mumsdorf/GER (June 14th, 2008): Download.
Steffen Bennemann - DJ set @ Elipamanoke, Leipzig/GER (Aug. 14th, 2008): Download part 1 & part 2.
Sven Tasnadi - DJ set @ Elipamanoke, Leipzig/GER (Aug. 14th, 2008): Download part 1 & part 2.
_18.Apr.08 | Netwaves plays hommage to One Bit Wonder, Thinnerism waves goodbye
_First of all, we would like to thank all of you for the emotional comments regarding our closing. Be sure that your feedback is still much appreciated.
_Belgium Radio Scorpio plays a hommage to One Bit Wonder on the netwaves show. Ten bits from the last three years plus an interview with Mirsch about 1bit and netaudio in general. Thanks to Jasper for this.
_1bit is the latest addition to Thinnerism's "Netlabel who care" series: It's a very nice feature including snippets of an interview with Steffen about the label philosophy and some of the reasons for our closing.
_28.Mar.08 | More vinyl and the end of 1bit
_Again, one of our tracks has been licensed for a vinyl re-release: Juno6' "Salamis" from our last compilation (1bit 025) is available as Broque LP11 now - plus remixes by our very own Steffen Bennemann and Cio D'Or.
_1bit #032 by Latex Distortion and Gary West will be our last release. Too many other projects have been consuming our time lately, so instead of doing things half-heartedly we decided to quit when it's best. Thanks for three wonderful years full of love and great music! Our site will remain active for a while and may still serve you as an archive.
_22.Feb.08 | Kiorda is back and Benne on vinyl
_It has been quite a while since we have heard from Mr. Däkin - but now he is back and again, he delivers a beautiful release fitting perfectly for 1bit: "3" is our release #031.
_Benne has done a release for highly acclaimed Styrax Records: Koi - "Deaf Torero" (Styrax Leaves 13) is out now. Check with your local record store to get a copy of it.
_10.Jan.08 | Perfect start
_Hooray! What a great way to start the new year: One Bit Wonder received the honour to rank second in the netlabel category of de:Bug's 2007 reader poll. Huge wet kisses to all who gave us their vote!
_However, this is nothing we will rest upon: 2008 starts with a new face - Anton Lanski kicks it off for 1bit with his wonderful tech house EP that is our release #030: "Overcrowded Mind".