_06.Nov.07 | Full package of Audiokonstrukte
_1bit is back with some relief for your autumn depressions: Following his promising debut on our last compilation, Audiokonstrukte delivers his first solo release - 1bit #029 comes with thirteen pieces of "Smart Echoes For Sensitive Ears". (And by the way: We finally decided to offer the best MP3 quality available - 320kbps.)
_06.Sep.07 | It is live and it is Endlos
_After their first release earned so many praises, we are happy to see another EP by Endlos on 1bit. "Kein Grund zufrieden zu sein" (1bit 028) is our first live EP - containing five slowly flowing epics, melancholic dialogues of machines and guitars.
_18.Aug.07 | Mixing and streaming the bits
_Unfortunately, there are no recordings of the sets Steffen played at Nachtdigital. However, there is a new mix available: Steffen Bennemann @ Distillery, Leipzig (July 28th). Get the full two hours (256 kbps MP3, 232 MB) or take the CD-length of two parts: Pt. 1 (126 MB) + Pt. 2 (104 MB).
_Thanks to archive.org we are able to offer the option of streaming. Go to any release subpage and click on either Flash (usually opens a new tab in your browser) or M3U (usually opens in your preferred media player).
_12.Aug.07 | Past and future, both looking wonderful
_Past: Our beloved Nachtdigital festival was a blast: Still shivering when thinking of that weekend. Get some pics here - even if they can barely transport the awesome atmosphere of a marvellous three-day excursion right into paradise.

_Future: With his new release, Frank Molder impressively shows the progress he has made not only in terms of production and sound design. Presenting ambient in all its many facets - dreamy, uplifting, energetic - "Come With Me" is a real complete artist album.

_20.Jul.07 | Another Latex music clip
_The folks of new French netlabel PaNet used Latex Distortion's "Isotope" from 1bit 018 for a nice video clip: Watch it at Youtube.
_09.Jul.07 | Summer sounds from Glander

_After his praised debut on our last compilation Glander now shows up for a full solo release: "Vate" is our number 026 and features six pieces of mellow deep summer dubtech - complemented by a stunning reshape from Mr. Instabil himself, Daniel Stefanik.

_09.Jun.07 | Time for celebration again!

_It took us a long time to get this collection done, but finally we have a new compilation! Old faces meet new artists - minimal tech, dub, funk, electronica. Have a listen!

_24.Apr.07 | Spring break is over!

_Happy new announcements after our "spring break": Le Cantin is back on 1bit, presenting you kickin' minimal with "Vapor Referral" - including a remix by our very own Mr. Bennemann.
(And by the way: More stuff to look ahead to - 1bit 025 will be our next compilation!)

_Speaking of Mr. Bennemann we also proudly announce his new website: A small portfolio kind of page, hopefully growing in the future...
_One more news: After having had our own presentation platform there in 2006, this year's (Pop Up - a lovely fair for independent music taking place in Leipzig every year - will feature Steffen as one of the guests at the panel discussions. Meet him there on Saturday, May 12th (2pm @ Werk2). More info here!
_02.Mar.07 | New release + mixes!
_New bits for you: Juno6 honors us with six works in his typical warm, melancholic and incredibly deep downbeat style: "Queue" is 1bit #023.
_Better late than never: Just in case you haven't discovered it yet - tracks from 1bit have been used for some of the excellent dubtechno selections at comfortnoise. Daniel Stefanik's "Save My Soul" (from 1bit 006) is part of the "comfort noise algorithms" set and Stalker's "Lovely Passport Photographs from Tenerife" (1bit 012) has been used for the "monolayer" mix.
_02.Feb.07 | Popular bits!
_Our latest releases seem to be quite popular with DJs: echtZEIT has chosen 3 tracks from the Endlos-EP "Das musste ja so kommen" (1bit 021) for his ambient/downtempo mix for Sonic Walker. And Sven Tasnadi's "La Gomera" from recent "Collected Works" (1bit 022) serves as opener for Pure M's "Press Play" mix on Loopzilla.
_After releasing on a wide number of other netlabels, Markus Masuhr finally started his own site: Insectorama. Check!
_26.Jan.07 | Sven: Busy as a bee (but Juno6 as well!)
_After ten months of silence, Sven Tasnadi is back with a massive collection of works covering almost all fields of his production style: "Collected Works" is our 1bit 022. Comes with remixes by Juno6 and Steffen Bennemann.
_Juno6 has been very busy lately, too: He released two new EPs on hippocamp (hc174) and Kreislauf. Awesome stuff!
_There are two new Mixotic sets out featuring our tracks: Kudu has chosen Le Cantin's "Granny" from 1bit 019 for his "Nanotaps" mix. And Endlos' "Es wächst uns über den Kopf" (1bit 021) is part of the chilling "Voices" by Entactogen.
_03.Jan.07 | Thanks for a great year!
_Again, we have been voted among the top 10 netlabels by readers of German de:Bug magazine: This time 1bit ranks even fifth! A wonderful cherry on top of what has been an amazing year for us. Huge THANKS to all our supporters!
_We have uploaded a new picture gallery for you: Shots by Benne, taken on a trip to the Czech Republic back in September.


_27.Dec.06 | Boxing week is mixing week
_A 1bit DJ-Mix is brought to you by Santa Bit alias Frank Molder. Frank just started his Traktor to mix 19 wonderful bits. We hope this will make you dance to reduce weight after Christmas dinner.
_Our Stalker decided to kill his pseudonym and renames himself to his real name Steffen Bennemann by January, 1st. But don't mind, he keeps spinning his carefully selected music.
_To prove this he will be doing some crowdpleasing at the following venues:
__31. Dec. _Distillery, Leipzig (w/ Daniel Stefanik) _info
__06. Jan. 07
_Distillery, Leipzig (w/ Sven Tasnadi) _info
__13. Jan. 07 _Wuitz3, Mumsdorf (w/ Treplec) _info
_10.Dec.06 | Endlos debut
_1bit #021 introduces Endlos, a wonderful electronica project from our home city of Leipzig. Listen to their "das musste ja so kommen EP"!
_17.Nov.06 | More mixes!
_Some of our ambient and electronica tracks are mixed in Mixotic set #57 (download: 87 MB). And Sven Tasnadi is part of the excellent op3n mix by Tooltech (download: 86 MB).
_02.Nov.06 | Bits in the mix
_For all the fans of deejaying out there: Tracks from Le Cantin's 1bit 019 have been mixed lately. Check out Gekko Mix #38 (192 kbps, 103 MB) and L'embrouille's Melenick Session #39 (192 kbps, 137 MB).
_20.Oct.06 | New bits!
_You had to wait a while, but it was worth it: Frank Molder delivers 1bit #020 - a fine piece of spaced-out electronic future music. Listen to his "Firefox"!
_12.Oct.06 | Some news for you
_Finally, we have managed to update our picture gallery. This time, we show you some photos our friend Mario took during our visit to London in September (you might remember... the Netaudio'06 festival...). See here.
_New releases in the pipeline: October will see another EP by our master of ambient, Frank Molder (1bit 020). And in November, Sven Tasnadi will be introducing some new stuff, including remixes by Juno6 and Stalker (1bit 021).
_14.Sep.06 | Help needed, 1bit @ Netaudio'06, busy Markus and a new mix
_At Nachtdigital, we received a demo by "Leafar Legor" (it was given to Benne a.ka. Stalker). Unfortunately there are no contact details on the disc - but we like it and would like to get in contact with you. So please send us an e-mail!
_Check #1: 1bit artists Stalker and Daniel Stefanik (as part of the Urban Force project) are happy to have been invited to London's Netaudio'06 festival this weekend. Would be great to meet some of you guys there - for more info visit: www.netaudiolondon.cc.
_Check #2: Markus Masuhr has been quite busy lately, releasing EPs on Equaliteq (Eqq 010: "Durch die Donau") and Uran97 (#033: "Chutney Mambo").
_Check #3: Tom Larson has used one of Stalker's tracks from 1bit 012 for his nicely selected "Deep Netaudio Beatz" published by deepindub.org.
_02.Sep.06 | Welcome Canada!
_Le Cantin of Archipel fame stops by for a wonderful 6-tracker of finest minimal dubby techno: Check out "Canadian Biz" (1bit 019)!
_03.Aug.06 | New release + interview
_Mirsch and Zacke have put together four new tracks: "Shitprickpop" is our #018. Comes along with a remix by Benne a.k.a. Stalker!
_Speaking of Benne: He has given an interview for weltpresse.info. Talking about 1bit, Nachtdigital (Benne also is spokesman of the festival) and the electronic music scene in general - but unfortunately only in German :-/
Download the nicely designed PDF here.
_17.Jul.06 | New interview + event tip
_Our spokesman Benne a.k.a. Stalker has given an interview at the (Pop Up fair for the German "Cuts&Mouse" radio show. The broadcast also features Daniel Stefanik from instabil.org and DJ Tend from broque.de. Listen to the stream here.
_We highly recommend the festival NACHTDIGITAL, taking place from August 4th - 6th at the Bungalowdorf/Olganitz (Saxony). It features quite a few of our artists: Latex Distortion (live), Stalker, Daniel Stefanik and Mathias Kaden - alongside headliners such as Ricardo Villalobos, Wighnomy Brothers, Magda, Troy Pierce, Modeselektor - to name just a few...
_07.Jul.06 | More of Markus + mixes, mixes, mixes
_Markus Masuhr has two new releases out there - not on 1bit, instead it's Idealtechno (ideal004: "Sambaola EP") and Labil Recordings (labrec006: "Kamara Sunira EP") this time.
_Our bits are still popular with netaudio mixes: Stalker is part of the wonderful Zerinnerung #43 and Kultobjekt was mixed by L'embrouille in his Melenick Session #31.
_23.Jun.06 | Leipzig is growing
_Some more "home grown" new talent for our artist family: Welcome our fellow citizen of Leipzig, Juno6! After his debut on 1bit 013, "Ita est" is his first solo release on 1bit. Check out 1bit #017!
_28.May.06 | Kiorda strikes back
_His debut on 1bit 004 was rather deephousy, but this time, Kiorda Däkin delivers a relese full of sharp-edged electronica: "Introduction" is our #016!
_17.May.06 | 1bit @ (Pop Up + new mix
_1bit wonder and Daniel Stefanik's instabil.org will share a booth at the (Pop Up fair for independent music taking place on May 20th in Leipzig/Germany. Afterwards, 1bit and instabil will also be part of the rich club program at night: See (and hear!) Juno6 playing live and Daniel Stefanik deejaying at the club Distillery.
_Not a week without a new mix containing our bits... ;) There is a new one on moods plateau: "We love Netlabels Mix 1" by elapse.
_10.May.06 | Bits on vinyl and in the mix again
_Stalker's "Introducing Savya" from 1bit #006 has been licensed by Mo's Ferry Prod. for a vinyl compilation featuring netlabel tracks: "bits to phono" (mfp020) is available in stores as 2x12" or mixed on CD.

_Tracks from 1bit seem to have become quite popular with netaudio-DJs: Jon Doe has used one in his Net Label Mix-4-9-06, Ferik has chosen a few for his micromixes (v57/51/50) again and Rich.vom.Dorf a.k.a. the villageboy seems to like bits in his morning mix...

_29.Apr.06 | Nico is back & Kultobjekt part of a mix
_Nicorola has sent us some Capital Bits from Berlin - our 1bit #015!

_Again, DJ L'embrouille has chosen a bit for one of his wonderful mixes: Kultobjekt's "Some Like It Smooth" from 1bit 014 is part of his Melenick Session 028.

_14.Apr.06 | Once upon a time in Leipzig...

_Christian Kausch has written a wonderful article about the backgrounds of 1bit. If you understand German - read it at phlow.net!

_05.Apr.06 | Bits in the mix and on air

_Tracks from our last compilation have been used in quite a few mixes lately - among others those by sedulous netaudio supporter DJ L'embrouille, assiduous minimal techno micromixer Ferik, Machtdose radio show and minimalmusik.net webradio.

_Label "embassador" Benne a.k.a. Stalker was invited to Mogwai's netlabel radio show, kreislauf.fm. Listen to sounds from 1bit and an interesting conversation about Creative Commons, current developments and, of course, our beloved netlabel scene: Stream or Download.
_31.Mar.06 | Your new Kultobjekt + Stalker @ Muna

_Mirsch himself is responsible for the new Kultobjekt: "Home is..." - six new tracks between minimal and dub.
Check 1bit #014!

_Stalker will be playing on a special netaudio floor at the marvelous club Muna (Thuringia) tomorrow, April 1st. This night will see one of the rare appearances of Subsource-DJ [in]anace as well - so come along if you're near...
_21.Mar.06 | More visual bits...
_Before launching Kultobjekt's new EP at the end of the month, we've provided some new pictures for you: Some impressions from Berlin and other nice places...
_13.Mar.06 | Guest bits back...
_As you might have noticed, we experienced severe problems with spam in our guestbook. Now it's back up - with a password protection on it.
_04.Mar.06 | Celebrating again!
_And here it finally is: Various Artists are celebrating one fucking great year of 1bit with us - download the ultimate sound package of "Celebration Compilation #2"!
_Furthermore, we have another anniversary coming up: Our Stalker will be celebrating his birthday at the club Wuitz3 (Mumsdorf, near Zeitz) on Saturday, March 11th - together with Freude am Tanzen heroes Hemmann & Kaden live and Vakant-DJ-Wizard Mathias Kaden!
_27.Feb.06 | Late bits...
_We know you're waiting desperately for our anniversary compilation - and guess what: We are just as well! 1bit 013 will be a few days late - but as a German proverb says: The later the evening, the nicer the visitors...
_07.Feb.06 | Bits @ Zerinnerung
_Zerinnerung's Q-Man has selected some bits for his latest netaudio-set "Spirit of NETLAG": Stalker's "Lovely Passport Photographs from Tenerife" from 1bit 012 plus Igor's "Statisch" from 1bit 010.
_25.Jan.06 | Project: Remaster
_Along with presenting our new releases in higher quality, we are remastering our whole backstock as well. The first step is made with Markus Masuhr's "Body Dismorphic Order" (1bit 011), which now is available in a bitrate of 256kbit/s. Older releases will follow soon...
_20.Jan.06 | Unsecret bits in higher quality
_Finally, it's there: Stalker's solo debut on 1bit. Download "The Unsecret Stories of Lady M." (1bit 012) - including a remix by Kultobjekt!

_Furthermore, we've decided to switch over to 256kbit/s. This will mean bigger files for you to download indeed, but a much better sound quality, too!
_ Another thing we changed a bit - sure you've seen it already - is the webdesign. After nearly a year of 1bit, the time was right to refresh the make up.

_06.Jan.06 | Bits ahead
_For all those among you who are desperately waiting for new bits: January will see the first solo EP of our Stalker, including a remix by infamous Kultobjekt and scheduled for mid-month. For our first anniversary in February we will have another great compilation and March will see the next EP by Kultobjekt himself.
_Meanwhile, check out Latex Distortion's contribution to the oab winterkollektion on Broque.


_28.Dec.05 | Thanks!!!
_Readers of highly acclaimed German electronic music magazine de:Bug have voted 1bit among the top 10 netlabels - Thank you!
_24.Dec.05 | Merry Bitmas!
_This is our christmas gift for you: Our friends from Cinemata did a nice video for Latex Distortion (MPEG, 50.8MB). Furthermore, we want to thank you for your great support in 2005 and wish you a happy new year!
_11.Dec.05 | Breakbits for Advent
_There is another new face on 1bit: Markus Masuhr. He's introducing himself with the four-tracker "Body Dismorphic Disorder" - check out 1bit 011!
_Some 1bit dates for December:
__09. Dec. _Cortex, Leipzig: Stalker _info
__10. Dec. _Plattenwerk, Rothensee: Stalker (w/ Treplec) _info
__17. Dec. _Rohtabak, Döbeln: Stalker (w/ Krause Duo Nr. 2, Treplec, Michel, Leonid)
__25. Dec. _Altes Ziehwerk, Delitzsch: Stalker (w/ Treplec)
__26. Dec. _Wuitz3, Mumsdorf: Stalker, Daniel Stefanik _info
__31. Dec. _Präzisionswerk, Espenhain: Sven Tasnadi _info
_22.Nov.05 | Spreading the bits
_Sven Tasnadi released a 2-tracker on sekundenstil.net: "Medizin nach Noten"...
_... and Nicorola has been asked to remix Bobby Baby for Corpid (corpid extra 007). Nice bits, guys!
_09.Nov.05 | Visual bits
_We've decided to devote some more attention to our picture category. Expect more regular updates on this part in the future. The latest gallery has been compiled by our friends Andrea & Stephan - have a look here...
_04.Nov.05 | Mellow Bits
_As winter is coming, the highly productive Igor O. Vlasov drops by for some "Mellow Bits". Check out 1bit #010!
_And if you like, drop by yourself for some listening/dancing sessions with our Stalker in Leipzig this month:
__05. Nov. _Distillery, Leipzig w/ Dominik Eulberg, Benet _info
__13. Nov. _Coco, Leipzig
__18. Nov. _Superkronik, Leipzig w/ Ark, Treplec _info
__28. Nov. _Coco, Leipzig
_31.Oct.05 | Bit or treat!
_Just in time for your Halloween party Sonic Walker presents the Trick-Or-Treat Mix. One full hour of Electro, House and Techno netlabel tracks compiled and mixed by Harald Walker. Including Kultobjekt's Remix for Sven Tasnadi's track "My Friend is Surfing between the Clouds" from 1bit #009. So let's party!
_Q-Man seems to prefer the original - using it for his Heart Kick mix of the Zerinnerung series.
_12.Oct.05 | Back from holidays
_... just in time to bring you Sven Tasnadi's first EP: "Love, Despair & Hope" (1bit 009) - including a remix by Kultobjekt
_1bit artists will perform at the following events this month:
__12. Oct. _Coco, Leipzig: Stalker
__15. Oct. _Präzisionswerk, Espenhain: Stalker, Treplec, Sven Tasnadi
__15. Oct. _Whatever, Dresden: Daniel Stefanik [_live]
__22. Oct. _Alte Kantine, Arenzhain: Stalker
__22. Oct. _Le Triptyque, Paris: Daniel Stefanik [_live]
__29. Oct. _Wuitz3, Mumsdorf: Sven Tasnadi
_07.Oct.05 | One Pod Wonder
_Macwelt magazine has just published the third release of it's spin-off iPod-Sepcial. On the current issue you'll find a CD introducing 6 bands and one netlabel. So, guess what wetlabel this could be!?! Right, a selection of 1bit-artists are representing one bit wonder net.music. :-)
_26.Sep.05 | Still more sunny days ahead
_... with good news again: Banyek has chosen Daniel Stefanik's "neifo pus" from 1bit #005 for his mix #10 ("Garden Suburb IRL") of the Zerinnerung series...
_... and Kiorda Däkin has won the remix contest for Haciendas "Makin' Luv". His remix is published on vinyl by Voidcom (a division of Ministry Of Sound)!
_1bit #009 will be a few days late (due to holidays - Yeah!) - expect it to be released in the second week of October.
_After returning from hopefully sunny Spain, you can welcome back our Stalker at:
__08. Oct. _Distillery, Leipzig w/ Richard Davis, Metope
_02.Sep.05 | Good late summer
_September brings you good weather with Frank Molder's EP debut "Tronik" (1bit 008)...
_...and some more sunny days ahead with Stalker on the decks:
__02. Sep. _Club Zooma, Plauen
__04. Sep. _Coco, Leipzig
__10. Sep. _Muna, Bad Klosterlausnitz w/ Mambotour, Mathias Kaden, d.Hoerste, Leonid, Michel
__16. Sep. _Alte Brauerei, Dessau w/ Treplec
__18. Sep. _Molen Dyk, Leipzig
_16.Aug.05 | Another bit mixed
_Applezup has used GuruFX' "Ghettolife" from 1bit #002 for his mix "Hello Copy Left World!". A good start for mixtape netlabel op3n.net.
_05.Aug.05 | Bitte 1Bit!
_1bit #007 introduces Mirsch's softer side with his first solo release as Kultobjekt: "Bitte 1Bit!"
_As previously announced, our DJ-embassador Stalker will be playing at the following events coming up:
__06. Aug. _Isolé Open Air, Oberrothenbach (Zwickau)
__13. Aug. _SonneMondSterne, Saalburg w/ Daniel Stefanik [_live+DJ]
__15. Aug. _Coco, Leipzig
__19.-21. Aug. _Nachtdigital, Olganitz w/ Latex Distortion [_live] & Daniel Stefanik [_live]
__27. Aug. _Vision East Open Air w/ Treplec
_28.Jul.05 | Mixing, playing, waiting
_Mixing: DJ L'embrouille has selected Kiorda Däkin's "Orange International" from 1bit #004 for his Mélenick Session Vol.2 of the Zerinnerung mix series (very nice selection, by the way).
_Playing: During open air summer season, 1bit-artists will have a second appearance together: Stalker and Daniel Stefanik [_live+DJ] can be heard at the SonneMondSterne festival in Thuringia, August 12th - 14th.
_Waiting: 1bit #007 will be a few days late again. So hold on and look forward to the debut of Mirsch's new project "Kultobjekt" being released during the first week of July.
_21.Jul.05 | Wonders on tour *YEAH!*
_1bit-artists Stalker, Latex Distortion [_live] and Daniel Stefanik [_live] are performing on our favourite open-air event "nachtdigital". Get the full bit injection directly from speaker to brain at nachtdigital from August 19th - 21st!


_11.Jul.05 | Better check twice :)
_For those of you who have been fast enough to get our Celebration Compilation during the first days you might want to consider downloading it again as we've remastered the whole release.
_07.Jul.05 | Finally celebrating
_It might sound strange to celebrate six month - but we don't care. Time for party! Join our Various Artists celebrating half a year of one bit wonder!
_01.Jul.05 | Arriving delayed
_Well, you're used to get the fresh bits always on the 1st of a month, but to make a long story short: We just need a few more days to present you the 1bit #006 release. But it's worth the waiting - so please hold the line!
_20.Jun. 05 | French kissing
_Latex Distortion celebrates summertime. Acrylik Netlabel has just released its Summertime "another compilation" LP and Latex Distortion contributes the chill summer track "Dazz". A dozen summersounds for a perfect summer provided by the french netlabel. Get it here!
_14.Jun.05 | Benne goes famous
_Our Stalker has given just another interview - this time for the German magazine 1000°. Read it here!
_01.Jun.05 | Better together
_As previously announced, 1bit #005 is a cooperation with Instabil.org. Parts of Daniel Stefanik's
"Suite L.E." are hosted by us, parts of it at Instabil.
_Not only sharing server capacity but turntables as well, our Stalker and Daniel Stefanik will be playing together June 3rd at Coco, Leipzig.
_Furthermore, Stalker will be doing some crowdpleasing this month before a short summer break in July at the following venues:
__04. Jun. _Distillery, Leipzig w/ Supa DJ Dmitry
__11. Jun. _Rohtabak, Döbeln w/ Telemen, Mathias Kaden, Marek Hemmann, Treplec, d.Hoerste, Michel
__15. Jun. _Swanlake Aftershow, Mittweida
__28. Jun. _Coco, Leipzig
__02. Jul. _Distillery, Leipzig w/ Daniel Bell
_24.May.05 | One bit in love with...
_Our upcoming release #005 will be a cooperation with Instabil.org: Labelowner Daniel Stefanik of Moon Harbour fame has put together a terrific electronica mini-LP, which will explore a new way of shared distribution. Curious how that is supposed to work? More infos soon...
_07.May.05 | Mix it, baby
_Nicorola's "Schmukkel" from 1bit #003 has been selected for Q-man's Submix 032 ("Night Flow"), a nice trip through contemporary netlabel highlights such as Pheek on Clevermusic, Daniel Stefanik on Instabil or Donor on Textone.
_01.May.05 | Interstellar Bits & Dates
_Kiorda Däkin is the new star in our interstellar paradise and makes the life shine brighter with our 4th release.
_DJ Stalker is up to cook the crowd with beats and bits these days at following events:
__02. May _Coco, Leipzig
__07. May _Distillery, Leipzig w/ Jackmate, Treplec
__14. May _Sputnik Turntabledays, Halle w/ Tiefschwarz, Paul Kalkbrenner, Dapayk & Padberg, Vitalic etc.
__15. May _Praezisionswerk, Espenhain w/ Treplec
__20. May _Audiolounge, Zeitz
__21. May _Seilfabrik, Zwickau w/ Paul Kalkbrenner, Leonid, Michel
_18.Apr.05 | Words (don't come easy?)
_Benne aka DJ Stalker has given an interview for the German webmag Techno.de. So if you understand German you might be wanting to read this...
_08.Apr.05 | Some new dates
_During the next weeks, our DJ embassador Stalker will be delighting his audience with some fresh bits at the following clubs:
__09. Apr. _Rohtabak Döbeln w/ Egoexpress, Gebrüder Teichmann, Michel, Topmodel
__15. Apr. _Molen Dyk, Leipzig w/ Treplec
__22. Apr. _Audiolounge, Zeitz
__23. Apr. _Motoranch, Barleben w/ Mathias Kaden, Treplec
_01.Apr.05 | Not a fool
_We've got a new bit for you! Nicorola's Bitstick E.P. is our third release.
_17.Mar.05 | More feedback!
_Hey folks. The guestbook is online now. So feel free to post your feedback!
_14.Mar.05 | More content!
_Design vs. usabilty. Usability won. So we git a higher content-frame for the bits. Hope you'll like it anyway.
_12.Mar.05 | Bits & bugs
_Due to our last update we had some bugs to fix. Sorry, if you had problems displaying the 1bit-website!
_We're working with highspeed on the third bit-release and the guestbook section.
_One Bit Wonder's very own Stalker can be found spinning records at the following venues upcoming:
__20. Mar. _Coco Leipzig
__26. Mar. _Wuitz3 Mumsdorf w/ Mathias Kaden, Treplec
__27. Mar. _Liquid Sunday KSA Tautenhain w/ André Galluzzi, Paul Brtschitsch, Michel, Leonid
_04.Mar.05 | The second bit is out!
_One bit wonder GuruFX from Zwickau takes us on a musical journey to his Exile On Mainstreet 52!
_If you don't want to miss a release or any bit of information order the 1bit-newsletter!
_For easier way to give us a feedback we're up to install a guestbook. Coming soon!
_New pictures in the pics-section.
_10.Feb.05 | The 2nd bit & dates
_Our next Release will be out in March. So stay tuned!
_From now on the 1bit wonders will be hosted at archive.org
_One Bit Wonder's Stalker is deejaying during the next weeks on following events:
__19. Feb. _Rohtabak Döbeln w/ Sasha Funke, Housemeister, Treplec
__05. Mar. _Distillery Leipzig w/ Dub Taylor, Benet
_01.Feb.05 | Kick-off for 1-bit wonder
_Our first release is out: Latex Distortion presents the "Dis is to late E.P."!