Mirsch Mirsch
Used to deejay some years ago: Preferably experimental techno such as the Zhark Records releases, later moved to deephouse. Founded his project "Latex Distortion" together with a friend named Zacke. Still doing weird stuff with this alias. Releasing solo as well - as "Kultobjekt". Loves movies, music, beer.
Benne Benne
Full name Steffen Bennemann, formerly known as "Stalker". Ecletic taste in music and arts. Loves movies, music, beer as well. Seems to have a hand for writing. DJ and producer, preferably techno and house, resident at Distillery Club/Leipzig and Nachtdigital Festival.
Why we run 1bit wonder
'Cause we like music. Not just electronic stuff, but all kinds of music. With 1bit wonder, we want to release what we think the world should have a chance to listen to. Style doesn't matter. It's just about our sense of good taste.

How to contact us
For feedback, greetings or licensing feel free to send us an email:

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