Sven Tasnadi

Born in 1978, Sven came in contact with music early in his life. He witnessed electronic music coming to Germany with "Who killed JFK" and the likes, soon started to visit locals clubs and finally came to deejaying himself in 1995. Starting with acid and Chicago sounds, Sven eventually came to appreciate contemporary minimal styles. His DJ-career has seen quite some development in the new millennium so far, ranging from gigs at the famous Tresor to his up-to-date residencies in two local techno clubs.

Sven Tasnadi

Sven's production style got a big influence by very limited resources he had to rely on. Starting with a most simple setup of one sampler plus one drum machine, he had to learn it the arduous way. As PCs became a household-standard, Sven finally got to appreciate the comforts of computer based production. Today, he marvels at the abilities Ableton's Live is offering – discovering new things he never dreamt of being capable of. That's one of the reasons why Sven doesn’t like to be limited to just one style – he has given us tracks from ambient and trip hop to electro and minimal. Also note that he has been releasing on vinyl lately - on Cargo Edition, together with Daniel Stefanik.


>>> 1bit #006 (V.A.)
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>>> 1bit #013 (V.A.)
>>> 1bit #022