Steffen Bennemann

Formerly know under the alias "Stalker", Steffen has nothing in common with those mean persons with somewhat insane habits of chasing other people. Our Stalker is a kind guy, putting much effort into his biggest love: Music. As DJ, producer, writer, co-owner of 1bit and staff member of the highly acclaimed Nachtdigital festival he has left quite some marks in many different fields over the past few years.

Steffen Bennemann

Being interested in all kinds of arts, Steffen draws his influences not only from a wide field of music such as jazz, dub or electronica but from movies, photography and literature as well (actually, his former artist name was leaned from a story by the Strugatzki sci-fi writers). Asked for the style of his own music, he gives a rather simple answer: "Techno and house". Having been educated by the school of Detroit, mood and emotions play a major role in his DJ-sets as well as in his own productions - creating a sound spectrum as versatile as life itself.


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