Nico Schipper aka Nicorola is the first artist we've come in contact with exclusively via the net. When he featured our release #001 on his weblog (, we came to listen to some of his own productions he had posted on his website as well. We were quite amazed by the sound of it so we decided to contact him for a release on 1bit wonder.


Nico is living in Berlin, making his living on media design and graphics. In music, he is an absolute autodidact: Starting with keyboard and guitar at the age of 15, he came to work with computers some years later. First steps were made with simple sound editors and sequencers, later he came to work with Rebirth and Reason at last. Live appearances of him are very rare: So far, he has been on stage only twice - as live musician for dance theatre productions.

As his time for making music is very limited, we're happy to have got a hold on him - and we're looking forward to every piece of sound coming out of his hands...


>>> 1bit #003
>>> 1bit #006 (V.A.)
>>> 1bit #013 (V.A.)
>>> 1bit #015
>>> 1bit #025 (V.A.)