Le Cantin

Sometimes certain things are destined to belong together. It seems as if this holds true for Le Cantin and us: Having been our favorite artist from Canada-based Archipel netlabel, we were thinking about contacting him for a remix. Exactly in that moment, he wrote us an e-mail offering unsigned tracks - what a great fortune!

Born in 1978, Le Cantin has always been interested in electronic music and micro sound. He started producing during the year 2000 - while not being a DJ prior to this. With a Bachelor's degree in fine arts, his ambitions were to find new and unique sounds which set him apart from the rest of the crowd. His sound is refreshingly crisp, clean and groovy with the influence of many artists including Mr. Oizo, Joshua Treble, Vitaminsforyou, Aqueduct, Dan Bell, Pheek and Kim Hiorthoy.


>>> 1bit #019
>>> 1bit #024