Latex Distortion

Mirsch is the producer behind Latex Distortion. When performing live, he's joined by Zacke aka René Schinkel. Latex Distortion started in the year 1999 when Mirsch was still deejaying techno sounds as Spud Murphy. Their first productions promoted a rather harsh industrial sound brimming with killing sounds and wicked samples. Simultaneously, Latex Distortion tracks and live appearances have always peered somewhat beyond the dancefloor.

Latex Distortion

Straight rhythms are rather rare, expectations are not there to be met but to be played with. The Latex universe is mazy and full of clever built traps. Its sound cannot be limited to one style - predictions, which direction the LD project will take next are highly precarious. As the Latex-boys are influenced by all kinds of music ranging from The Beatles and Air to Aphex Twin and Zhark Recordings and even Punk Rock, their next output could be just about everything.


>>> 1bit #001
>>> 1bit #006 (V.A.)
>>> 1bit #013 (V.A.)
>>> 1bit #018
>>> 1bit #025 (V.A.)
>>> 1bit #032