Stefan Schultz a.k.a. Juno6 did not choose his artist name on the basis of a well-known analog synth, instead the explanation is even more simple: It's the day of his birth, June 6th.
Stefan grew up in a beautiful small village in the countryside. During the nineties, he spent his Saturday nights listening to radio shows for electronic club music, spun by the likes of Torsten Fenslau, DJ Dag, Sven Väth and others. Today he is producing music himself, living and studying in the wonderful city of Leipzig (Lipsia).


Juno6 bought his first synthesizer - a Roland JP8000 - in 1998. Fascinated by its easy handling and the great sound it delivered, Stefan decided to set up a small studio at home. Having to cope with computers at his job and study all the time, Juno6 trys to avoid them when making music. His live setup for example is made up just by two synths, a mixer and a microphone. Keeping himself limited to this rather small setup, Stefan has built himself an impressively unique sound - no matter which genres he touches.


>>> 1bit #013 (V.A.)
>>> 1bit #017
>>> 1bit #022 (rmx)
>>> 1bit #023
>>> 1bit #025 (V.A.)